Revolutionizing the way artists connect with their fans, redefining the fan experience, by adding a cutting edge app-less digital layer to make it more immersive, engaging, and personalized than ever before - We use AI and Data Intelligence to enable a digital transformation, creating a way for fans and artists to connect in meaningful ways, which fosters a sense of community that transcends traditional boundaries.

The future of music fandom is here.

Direct Communication.

Direct Engagement.

Direct Access.

Reach your fans, directly on their smartphone lock-screen in real-time.

With the FanPassion wallet pass you have the ultimate tool to connect with your fans, and your fans have the control to see as little or as much as they want.

Fans want to be the first to know - but they don't want to have to jump through hoops to do it. They want an advanced, secure way to interact without worry that their personal data is at risk. This is an impossible task with traditional web cookies and questionable app permissions, but not for the digital wallet pass, where the customer is in control.

The digital revolution has already happened on on the fan side of the equation, so it's now up to bands, brands, and businesses to find a way to get up to speed with their own digital transformation. By utilizing our simple to build dynamic wallet passes, you can easily create a digital fan hub without the need for software developers or custom coding for users to download direct to their apple or android smartphone. In exchange, you get enterprise grade data analytics, and the ability to send segmented messages to specific markets using custom identifiers.

FanPassion is more than just a 'digital fan club'. It's a way for your fans to be the first to know about concert announcements, new songs, merch drops, impromptu live streams and more. As the world moves towards web3.0, embraces AI, and demands only the highest levels of data security, bands with fan bases of all shapes and sizes are in danger of being left behind as the industry moves towards digitalization.

Take control of your marketing dollars

Thanks to the power of digital wallets and targeted marketing campaigns, it has never been easier for bands, celebrities, and influencers to reach their intended audience without spending tens of thousands of dollars on campaigns that aren't even guaranteed to reach actual fans.

With digital wallets, bands, celebrities, and influencers can securely collect valuable data on their fans' preferences and behaviors, allowing them to create personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with their audience. This not only increases engagement and loyalty but also reduces the risk of wasted marketing spend on uninterested or irrelevant audiences.

By using push notifications, you can inform your fans as soon as new content becomes available. This can include new songs, albums, or merchandise. The notifications will appear on your fans' lock screens, ensuring that they are aware of your latest release and encouraging them to engage with your content.

Our user-friendly and intuitive dashboard revolutionizes the process of launching targeted marketing campaigns.

No more lengthy delays caused by days or weeks of back-and-forths with service providers and salespeople. Our platform empowers clients to create and launch campaigns directly in a matter of minutes or hours, putting full control and efficiency in their hands. What's more, real-time updates can be seamlessly applied on the fly, ensuring campaigns stay agile and responsive to evolving trends and opportunities.

The continued advancement of technology is likely to further reshape the way that fans and artists interact with each other.

Technology will continues to evolve, and it will be interesting to see how this affects the way that music is created and consumed. Through the chaos of the digital revolution, one thing will remain constant -

Your audience will increasingly value convenience and ready access to the content they want through their trusted tech, and expect to be able to be reached anytime and anywhere...

like here...

or here...

Engage your fans in real-time

While social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have given artists a direct line of communication with their fans. They can share updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interact with fans... but fans don't always get to see this content in real-time. Communicating with your fans directly straight to their smartphone lock screen in real-time shows that you appreciate and value your fan base by making them the "first to know".

Harnessing the power of AI and data intelligence, allows you and your fans stay connected and up-to-date with only the information that is relevant. With the FanPassion walletpass, you can send out segmented or targeted messages that are tailored specifically to your fans in any specific location.

Fans using your pass can receive geographically targeted notifications for tour announcements, exclusive meet-and-greets, VIP upgrades, and even contests. Or how about a special discount on merch from your merch booths or online store sent in real-time during your show just for the fans who are actually at your show.

The power of personalization

FanPassion empowers clients with unparalleled customization options for their fan passes. Our intuitive platform enables effortless personalization, allowing clients to infuse their passes with their distinct brand elements, artwork, and content that resonate with their individual voice and style. Whether it's crafting a VIP package, granting exclusive access to a limited edition album, or delivering special perks and discounts, our platform ensures that very customization desire is effortlessly brought to life with a few simple clicks.

In addition to customizable fan passes, we also offer a powerful campaign management system that enables clients to launch new promotions and initiatives in a matter of minutes or hours, without the need for extensive back-and-forth with service providers and salespeople over several days or weeks. With our platform, clients can create and publish new campaigns, set custom parameters and goals, track engagement and conversion rates, and make adjustments on the fly to optimize performance and ROI.

We want our users to feel confident in taking control of their own marketing and promotional efforts, without relying on expensive outside help and support. This not only saves time and money, but also enables our clients to be more nimble and responsive to changing market conditions, trends, and opportunities, ensuring that they stay ahead of the competition and always deliver the best possible experience to the fans.

Making Sense

Of Data

Artificial Intelligence isn't just a web3.0 buzzword we're throwing around to get artists attention. In the FanPassion equation, AI plays a crucial role through the back-end dashboard, where an enormous amount of data, spanning many thousands and potentially millions of points is processed and analyzed. AI comes into play as the powerhouse that sifts through this vast sea of information, extracting meaningful insights and translating complex data into easy-to-understand visuals and metrics for end users.

Through the magic of AI algorithms, FanPassion is able to crunch data efficiently, uncovering valuable patterns, trends, and correlations that help creators make data-driven decisions. By presenting this information in a user-friendly manner, the dashboard empowers musicians to optimize their marketing strategies, create personalized experiences for fans, and refine their approach to fan engagement. We strive to be the ultimate ally for musicians and creators by unlocking the true potential of their data and enabling them to make informed choices that drive fan loyalty and success in the music industry.

frequently asked questions

We know it's not possible to have answered every question you might have about what is possible with FanPassion, so please reach out any time to discuss how we can help.

As we ramp up for our full public release we're still working on some areas of the site, most notably the "how it works" and "demo" content, so please do not hesitate to reach out to learn more

We're a small independent band with a limited budget - Is there something in your bag of tricks for us? 

FanPassion is scalable from one to infinity, and features both a basic and advanced option for artists of all sizes

I run a label with a few dozen artists, can I run my entire roster of artists under one dashboard?

Yes, 100%. FanPassion works best when implemented at the management or label level, giving your team complete access to all of your artists at once

Can we use FanPassion to sell merch and tickets?

Yes and Yes. While FanPassion is a SaaS provider, we can set you up with our technology partners if you want to be able to scan your own digital tickets or passes even allowing you to pre-sell merchandise with your tickets.

I'm not a musician. I'm an athlete, writer, publication, or YouTuber - Would this work for me?

Of course! While FanPassion has chosen to have a heavy focus on the music industry, the tech works for anyone who wants to connect with their fans, friends, or staff. The possibilities are endless.

My audience consists of many non-english speaking fans, is there options for multi-lingual support?

Yes! Part of building a service that makes connecting with people easier is making sure you can connect with more people! We are currently able to translate content into 40 languages





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